A soft chuckle came from her, the first one in a very long time.

"Only the best." She and her eldest sister never used completely the money they earned. They were saving it for emergencies, even if Fran’s pay was incredibly good. So when she started her new life, she decided she deserved the most comfortable bed she could find.

Since he invited himself in her bed, she dropped her previous idea and got closer to him, making sure the blanket was covering her up to the nose. She then simply rested her hand on his shoulder and closed her eyes.

"You do not have to wake me when you leave in the morning. I’ll be fine," she said between two yawns. She believed a decent night of sleep would solve most of her anxiety problems.

He flicked through the menus on his phone, shooting off a quick text to Celes and setting the alarm, before he set it aside and burrowed under the blankets, draping his arm around her waist. 

It’d been a while since someone had been so near him while he’d slept— there had been a couple of girls, nothing long-term (and nothing beyond one-night stands, if he was being completely fucking honest). 

Hopefully, he wouldn’t dream. 

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He was running the show for now: calling the shots and deciding where they should go. She let him believe he was in perfect control and stepped back toward her bedroom, removing her tank top only to reveal her two scars and the fact she was not wearing a bra (the contraption was tossed aside the moment she came back from her last class).

Her naked torso was pressed on his only to drive him madder for her touch. And then the game changed when they reached her bedroom.

She switched places with him so he would be the one with the bed behind him then she left his lips to attack his neck, her hands working on his pants.

It was so easy.

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She saw him immediately, her eyes drawn to him and she felt that he would have stood out in a crowd even if she hadn’t been looking for him. She waved back at his greeting energetically before she finally reached the table.

The quick kiss just enough to quiet her thoughts and make her wish for more, that he’d lingered and made it last longer. She was tempted to pull him back for another kiss and her fingers twitched at the thought.

"Morning." Her reply was a little breathless and she cleared her throat to cover it, taking a seat at the table. "Haven’t been waiting long, have you?" 

Kissing her once had led to a great need to kiss her again, and it was slightly easier to resist when she sat down, the table between them. 

"Nah, not that long." He reached for his coffee again. "This place was pretty easy to find." 

Although, frankly, he kinda thought Timber had been designed to keep non-natives perpetually confused, a wandering maze of side streets and alleyways, nearly as bad as Deling. But navigationally-challenged, he was not. Near the train station had presented him with a few options, and the most obvious was the one he went for, the only restaurant actually open at this hour. 

"So, you have exciting plans today?" 

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"I’d really prefer that you didn’t."

"I make no guarantees. You want another one of those?" 

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         "Some sort of celebration for your floating school. Fuck if I know, I’m not supposed to be here."

"Not my floating school, Mercer. You miss a train to more exciting places or something?" 

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She played along, glad he was able to read her intent and let him take the kiss.

"Unless we take the habit of making the bed rock against the wall, it should be fine." She put away the last of her tools and closed her toolbox. "What are your plans for the rest of the night?" Her grin lighted up her glance.

"Y’know. The usual. Take this hot girl I know home…" He shrugged, a wolfish grin on his face, as he stepped behind her, running his hands along her hips.

"You doing anything exciting?" 

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"Oh, and because I’m interested in what they have to say, I must like watching paint dry, too?" She snatched the bowl from him and set it on her lap, staring straight ahead.

"Mmm, this looks good. Missing Links in Ancient Centranian Civilizations. Oh, or Unexplained Phenomena of the Kashkabald Desert.”

Open mouth, insert foot. 

He reached for her, arm draping around her shoulders.

"Okay, that’s not what I was saying— I just meant they could sound a little more, I dunno, excited about what they were talking about.” 

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                                                      ℕo sleep,
                                                 ℕo nightmares.

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having feels about a ship


having feels about a ship and ur rp partner isn’t around


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Anonymous said: "Dad... Was mom really a bad person?"

send me anons as my kid


"No. She wasn’t. I don’t know where you got that idea, but whoever told you that is lying." 

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"A kazoo?" She whipped around to look at him and laughed softly. "You certainly have an active imagination if you think that’s what most narrators sound like."

Plopping down onto the couch, she grabbed onto the remote and began searching through channels. She brought her legs up onto the couch and crossed them, setting a throw pillow comfortably in her lap to hold the bowl of popcorn on. 

"I’ll make sure to get the most boring sounding old man just for you."

"Y’know what I mean. Old, wheezy. People who sound like their primary form of entertainment is watching paint dry.” He carried the bowl into the living room and handed it to her, dropping down next to her. 

"You sure you don’t feel like watching that one?" he asked, as she flicked past an old monster movie.

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"You’re not allowed to complain when I pick a documentary. You’ve given me a lot of power." She shifted to get off the bed, a smirk ever present as she shuffled out of the room. "And put extra butter on the popcorn!"

"You planned this, didn’t you?" 

He snorted and turned right into the kitchen as she headed left into the living room. “Can it at least be one that’s not narrated by some old dude who sounds like he’s got one lung and is talking through a kazoo or some shit?” 

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"They didn’t complain about the noise yet." She said with an all-knowing smile. "Besides, it is only a few tools." She walked by him, brushing against him on purpose as she reached for a wrench. "It won’t take long."

"Oh, good." He snagged her hip, pulling her in and stealing a kiss before he let her go back to straightening up.

"Means they probably won’t complain in the future.” 

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"Better, yes. Good? Not so much." She moved over, willingly this time, to give him a little more room. 

Turning her head to look at him, she watched for a moment or so, thinking.

"Let’s….watch a movie tonight. Popcorn and everything." Perhaps that would suffice as a better means of entertainment than the novel.

"Sure. Sounds like fun." They’d probably both pass out in the middle of it, but it’d be a change of pace. "You pick the movie, I’ll nuke the popcorn?" 

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